Monday, March 4, 2013

Abandoned Building, Pt 1

We are doing a take off on the classic horror film over the next few weeks.  Poor girl is wandering around an old abandoned building and get noticed by a creepy guy and mayhem ensues.  

Doing a bit of exploring of the old abandoned warehouse in the bad part of town. 

She hears some scary noises and turns to run out of the door

As she is quickly leaving,  a rough looking man blocks the doorway and stares at her.

The man quickly overpowers her and begins to drag her away to who knows what.  
Continued in Pt 2.

Starring Chloe Nicole and the delicious Logan Oleary. Logan is new on the scene and a pleasure to work with.  You will see more of him in my work.

We have also been bus adding another level to the DDP permanent set. Already including a club and a rope shibari room, it now features a full featured castle style dungeon.    Look forward to seeing it in many upcoming shoots and features.   The club set is available for usage with prior discussion.

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