Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fun in the Barn

I spent some time with a friend of mine earlier this week and one thing led to another. Both of us being who we are,  we took a lot o fo pictures while things happened.
The first three are mine, since Sword was controlling the pose hud, I had to work fast finding the angles, nevering knowing when I would get tossed into another position. Given that, I decided to set the lighting and do no or little post processing, these photos are cropped but bascially as i shot them, a real departure from my normal hours of editing.


The next five are Swords, he has a great eye for angles and close ups.   Interesting how shots from the same time can look so different.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bathing in the Rain

Some pictures taken over the last week. 
This one was taken on my island next to the waterfall. There is a waterfall behind me and a lot of steam raising form the water. I post processed the picture to produce the blurriness, the waterfall and steam evolved into the water drops on the rocks.   

 Stairway to Heaven - me in contemplation in front of a staircase up in my club area leading to the play areas.

Sim hopping - working movie night on the Hazardous sim. Luckily they let me work in the nude.

Sim hopping - exploring the Cica sim found some great seating locations and took advantage of sun angles  to show great shadows.

Additional work can be seen on my Flickr page: Chloe's Flickr.

I will be off for about 10 days,  taking a trip to Seattle, Wa and several locations in SE Alaska.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Recent Photo Shoots

I spend some time over on Hoobs Island with my friend Alexus sunning and funning.   Hoobs ended up taking some great photos of the day.   The entire series can be seen on:the Hoobs Hotties blog.

Woozer called me over a few days ago, wanted me to 'test' out some poses for him,  I think he just wanted to test me out. :-)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Striking a Pose

I was wandering around Hard Alley looking for backdrops in the vast wasteland and see a sign about the Hotties.   Gave me an idea, parked my C Class and took a few shots of things to come.