Saturday, June 28, 2014

Working the Scrubber

I've been off on one of my tangents exploring sims for nice background opportunities. I've also been using Photoshop to layer various entropy style photographs over the backgrounds and seeing what kind of effect I can come up with. Each one has been quite nice and each is different.
This one represents the repetitive drudgery of housework.   Yes, that is a floor scrubber the model is standing on.

I was in San Diego recently and happened to see a navy ship coming in. The dock was loaded with 100's of men and women waiting for the people on the ship. This is my interpretation of that.

This one is a variant of the above on, adding shadows and seeing how they can affect a subject.

This one is a view from my condo in San Diego with all the commercial crap de-rendered. Or well, how I wish it looked.

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