Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Movie Time

The last week of the year was very busy with Christmas, the end of the year festivities,  our normal studio workload and my appearances with other studio's work.  

I got to have sex with Santa Claus and about 8 other women in Deparment Store Santa, a gangup on Santa movie that was a lot of fun to participate in. Watch the credits on this one,  to see what happens to a tired Santa.

To watch this movie, take a look here: Department Store Santa

I participated in Miss Emily's Studios New Year's Eve Orgy  2012.   Spent most of the shooting with my friend Bud Solo even though it was an orgy. He knows a good thing when he feels once.  :-)

To see Miss Emily's annoucement for the  movie and to view the view, take a look here: New Years Eve Orgy 2012  

2012 ended with a bang, I expect 2013 to be even busier. 

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  1. Wow, didn't think about you being front and center in both those posters!!